CompDirect: Day 1 Outsourcing

CompDirect provides day-one outsourcing of your workers’ compensation claims process. Our experienced revenue specialist team ensures that claims are sent to the correct payer the first time. Our staff conducts timely follow-up to payers and can adjust billed charges to net accounts receivable within 72 business hours of receiving a properly formatted file.

As a company with a sole focus on workers’ compensation correct payment we live by “best practice” standards for prompt and accurate payment for our clients with claims that are >90 days AR at 20% or less. Up to 65% of Workers’ Compensation hospital bills are initially sent to the wrong payer, delaying your payments and increasing your AR. What’s your workers’ compensation >90 days? Are you getting the benefit from timely cash flow and correct payment?

Our reports include identification of payers and their underpayment summaries to illustrate payer payment accuracy. “0” balance recovery is a verified and proven process to appeal underpayments to receive the payments you are entitled to receive. It is a form of “found money.”